PartyLite Candles


Using our 100 years of expertise, we craft the best quality candles to fill your home with appealing fragrance and inviting candlelight. Safe, clean-burning and long-lasting, our candles will put a smile on your face.

All Our Wax Is:

  • Made with our proprietary wax formula, a custom blend of high-quality natural wax and food-grade paraffin.
  • Wax blend is free from harmful impurities
  • All fragrances comply with worldwide safety standards
  • Our candles are made using lead-free 100% cotton wicks

Signature 3-Wick Jar Candles

  • Premium quality candle infused throughout to deliver fine fragrance from first light to last
  • Features a large melt pool for the best fragrance lift
  • Topped with an embossed metal lid and wrapped in an artfully designed label inspired by a vintage botanical print
  • Available in all of our Signature fragrances, specially formulated to complement each other in any combination
  • Burn time: 25-45 hours

Just the right amount of fragrance and an even flicker to last the night.

  • Custom-engineered tealight cup design allows the candle wax to pool at the centre for an even burn with total consumption – no wasted wax.
  • Exclusive candle wax blend liquefies for a beautiful visual effect
  • Moderate fragrance throw
  • Burn time: 4-6 hours - great for adding a nights worth of fragrance and the romantic twinkle of light

Perfectly-scented candles enchant with liquefied glow.

  • Custom votives shape features a special bell-top design that allows the wax to fully consume – no wasted wax!
  • Exclusive wax blend liquefies for a beautiful visual effect
  • Moderate fragrance throw
  • Burn time: 8-11 hours - great for bringing fragrance and a beautiful shimmer to your room

Escential Jar™ Scented Candles
Highly-scented, long-lasting fragrance in a convenient jar.

  • Exclusive jar candle wax blend is poured into a custom glass jar designed to allow for the best burn. Wax liquefies to the edge of the jar for maximum consumption
  • Strong fragrance throw
  • Burn time: 40-60 hours - great for bringing highly aromatic fragrance to your home

Strong, flame-free fragrance that lasts up to 60 hours.

  • Super long-lasting, flame-free fragrance – up to 60 hours of scent
  • Exclusive wax blend liquefies for beautiful visual effect. The wax does not evaporate – fragrance will simply fade over time letting you know its time to replace your Melts.
  • PartyLite’s strongest fragrance throw
  • Great for filling a room with rich scent without the flame - for use in our electric ScentGlow® Warmers

GLOLITE BY PARTYLITE®- The World’s Brightest Candle – only available at PartyLite!

  • The World’s Brightest Candles™ - exclusive technology only available at PartyLite. Enjoy and instant, all-over glow!
  • Each candle is individually hand-crafted so slight variations in glow and colour may occur which will not affect the quality of the candle
  • GloLite pillars offer a light fragrance throw while jar candles offer a stronger fragrance throw
  • Burn time 50-100 hours depending on form

SMARTSCENTS BY PARTYLITE- Decorative Fragrance Sticks

  • No liquid oil! No flame!
  • Rolled paper fragrance sticks from a responsibly managed forest.
  • SmartScents provide round-the-clock scent in any room with no liquid oil and no flames.


  • Fresh Home candles use odour neutralising technology to naturally eliminate unpleasant aromas.
  • There is a fragrance suited for every room in your home.


  • Offers instant fragrance plus odour-neutralisation.
  • For use in any room, or on fine or delicate fabrics.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. Always keep your sprays upright.
  • Safe to use in areas with pets

Begin by pouring one capful of SmartBlends into your stylish SmartBlends Warmer. For a stronger fragrance, add a second capful up to the fill line in the warmer, turn on, immediately experience fragrance. Enjoy these benefits:

  • No liquid means easy clean, no spill
  • Instant odour-neutralising fragrance
  • Personalise fragrance intensity
  • From paper from sustainable forests

Proudly crafted in the USA.
Our candles are meticulously made in America using premium ingredients from around the world. PartyLite Candles are stringently tested for exceptional performance and quality and are backed with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Enjoy!